Digital challenge of Universal Credit

April 12, 2018

Almost 10% of the UK population has never been online. As the rollout of the Universal Credit (UC) portal moves ever closer, the scale of the UK’s online literacy problem has become abundantly clear. A significant percentage of those who will be using the UC portal do not have the digital skills to access the system that delivers vital funds that support both them and their families.

A combined benefits system is an excellent proposal in principle, but the deficit in digital literacy amongst the hard-to-reach raises the stakes for claimants and housing associations. Housing assocations collect 65% of their income from benefits and with margins already tight, delays in payments to residents could have disastrous consequences on a HAs ability to provide affordable housing.

In this article in Local Government News, Matthew Adam, CEO of We Are Digital, reveals how a lack of digital literacy is the biggest barrier to the success of UC.

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Gary Bullock