In late 2015 Cambridge City Homes (CCH) spoke to We Are Digital about their need to get more of their 8000 tenants online. At the time We Are Digital only offered a short 4-6 week group training course, which covered basic topics. CCH required a more in-depth, intensive digital inclusion offering, which catered for multiple age groups (working age 18-60 and 60+), as well including a mix of digital, financial and social inclusion topics. They also wished to provide residents with IT equipment to sustain their learning into the future.


Using specialist course writers, We Are Digital designed a brand new course on financial inclusion (including topics such as online safety, budgeting apps and saving money online), as well as new employability topics in CV building and social media, inserting all of this into a brand-new 12-week intensive group course.

By partnering with recycled computer equipment provider, Tier 1, CCH were supplied with a set of high quality refurbished laptops, which residents paid 50% for towards its cost, through a subsidised scheme with their housing provider, based on a small weekly payment each week of the course. They were then able to take away the equipment in the last session.


The course was very successful, with feedback showing an average skill level change from level 2 to level 4 for topics such as “finding work online” and from level 2.5 to 4.5 in “utilising the Housing Association website”, a key channel shift driver for CCH. Most residents took up the offer of refurbished equipment, which cut the equipment budget for CCH by 50% and ensured attendance stayed consistent throughout. The council extended the contract for up to 5 more 12 week courses in January 2016.

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