Digital Skills to support you to get back into work within the South East, for FREE!

Free online remote training to give your career a boost

If you live in the south-east of England and your career has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you could be entitled to free training to help you get back into work. You may also be entitled to a free device and/or data!

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Empower people’s lives and
communities through digital skills

Funded by South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP), we are here to support you get back into work if your job has been affected by Covid-19. We are fully equipped to delivery our services across East Sussex, Medway, Kent, Essex, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock.

About We Are Digital

We Are Digital is one of the UK’s leading digital skills and inclusion training providers to councils, housing associations, charities, corporates, and central government. Our trainers have first-hand experience in training people of all skill levels, both in-person and remotely. One of our key skills is being able to provide help and support with digital skills to help people get back into work.

You will learn and gain skills in:

  • How use the internet to search for jobs
  • How to find the right agencies and employers
  • How to build their CVs online
  • How to conduct a job interview online
  • How do use online apps and tools for interviews

We’ll also support with:

  • Filling out and submitting online job applications forms
  • Covering letters
  • Device and internet access if needed*
  • And much more…

Online access and devices

As the UK’s leading digital inclusion provider, we believe training should solve the three pillars of digital exclusion in a combined approach:

Training + Equipment + Internet Access 

*We know that device access can prove a significant barrier and therefore, equipment and data will be gifted to you in your training where needed. 

Also learn skills in:

  • How to use social media such as Facebook safely
  • How to video conference friends and family
  • How to arrange GP appointments online
  • How to pay rent and report repairs online
  • How to fill in government forms online
  • How to bank online and much more…

To register today and gain digital skills you can:

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Call us today on
0114 551 2551

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Text SKILLS to 88440

Digital Skills Webinar Dates & Times

All sessions are 2 hours long

30 September 10am – Interviewing and Video calling

05 October 2pm – Windows Desktop, files and folders

14 October 2pm - Online Safety, Internet and Online Shopping

18 October 6pm – Email, social media and finding work

29 October 10am – Word Processing and CV Writing

09 November 10am – Interviewing and Video calling

18 November 6pm - Windows Desktop, files and folders

25 November 3pm - Email, social media and finding work

29 November 1pm – Word Processing and CV Writing

09 December 2pm – Online Safety, Internet and Online Shopping

14 December 6pm – Interviewing and Video calling


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Companies are increasingly looking for applicants with digital skills. Research shows employment is closely linked to digital literacy. What’s more, you can boost your earnings by up to 10% just by developing new skills and getting ahead of the game.

What are the benefits of getting people online?



People can increase earnings by 3% and 10% just by acquiring digital skills.


Employability Benefits

People can find all sorts of jobs online, with access to CV builders, application forms, interview techniques and more.



Basic digital skills can enable people to connect with family, friends and the community.


Time Saving Benefits

People can save time by accessing government services like health care and banking online.

Group 1117