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Digital inclusion support within the South East to get people
back into work.

 Funded by South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP), we are here to support people whose jobs have been affected by Covid-19 and get them back to into work, by helping them gain the right digital skills they need. We are fully equipped to deliver our services across East Sussex, Medway, Kent, Essex, Southend-on-sea and Thurrock.


 We are also open to Match Funding, which will give you the opportunity to contribute to the success of this project, by helping the employability sector in getting people back into work.


Our mission is to empower people’s lives and communities through digital skills

About We Are Digital

We Are Digital is one of the UK’s leading digital skills and inclusion training providers to councils, housing associations, charities, corporates, and central government. Our trainers have first-hand experience in training people of all skill levels, both in-person and remotely. One of our key skills is being able to provide help and support with digital skills to help people get back into work.

What can we offer within the SELEP regions...

We’ll train and develop people to gain skills in:

  • How use the internet to search for jobs
  • How to find the right agencies and employers
  • How to build their CVs online
  • How to conduct a job interview online
  • How do use online apps and tools for interviews

We’ll also support with:

  • Filling out and submitting online job applications forms
  • Covering letters
  • Device and internet access if needed*
  • And much more…

Eligibility to refer people:

Our work within the SELEP region covers all ages, however people should only be referred if they:

  • Are living in East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock
  • and if they are unemployed / made redundant due to Covid-19

Online access and devices

As the UK’s leading digital inclusion provider, we believe training should solve the three pillars of digital exclusion in a combined approach:

Training + Equiptment + Internet Access 

*We know that device access can prove a significant barrier and therefore, equipment and data will be gifted to people participating in our training where needed. 


To refer someone today you can:

Get them to call us on 0114 551 2551

Get them to text SKILLS to 88440


Referring more than one person?

Download our form and email it to us on

What we can also support with...

  • Getting people online in general
  • Accessing government health care
  • Online banking
  • Online shopping
  • How to use social media
  • Video calls
  • Arranging GP appointments online
  • Connecting with friends and family

To refer someone today you can:

Get them to call us on
0114 551 2551

Get them to text SKILLS to
07860 098 539

Referring more than one person?

Silver Training has undergone a complete rebrand and will now be known as We Are Digital. Our services remain the same. We hope you enjoy navigating our new website!

Digital Skills webinar dates and times are below:

All sessions are 2hrs long.

  • 14 October 14:00 - Online Safety, Internet and Online Shopping
  • 18 October 18.00 – Email, social media and finding work
  • 29 October 10:00 – Word Processing and CV Writing
  • 09 November 10.00 – Interviewing and Video calling
  • 18 November 18.00 - Windows Desktop, files and folders
  • 25 November 15.00 - Email, social media and finding work
  • 29 November 13.00 – Word Processing and CV Writing
  • 09 December 14.00 – Online Safety, Internet and Online Shopping
  • 14 December18.00 – Interviewing and Video calling

Interested in finding out more about our courses, have a passion to become a tutor or you’ve got a question but not sure who to ask? Then get in touch with us.


03333 444019