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Funded by Department for Education (DfE), We Are Digital is providing FREE Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing courses to those within the North West, West Midlands and London UK regions.

Our courses are a fast-track journey to help people with 3 possible outcomes:

  • A guaranteed job interview
  • Access to Level 3 Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Starting your own Business
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What are we offering?

  • 12 - week courses which help learners kick-start their careers in Digital Marketing.

  • Remote learning - so learners will attend virtual sessions from the comfort of their own home.

  • Flexible course times allowing learners to opt for either a morning (09:30-12:30), afternoon (13:30–16:30), or evening (17:30-20:30) session which they will attend consistently throughout the duration of the course.

  • A promise to support learners with progressing and securing a job interview once the course is successfully completed.

  • Additional support with technology and data connectivity if needed!

Digital skills are not just for digital jobs

These skills are becoming increasingly essential across a vast array of jobs and sectors in the modern workforce–82% of all job openings online request digital skills.

Why are digital skills so important?

While digital skills are important for every job, they could also help you secure a digital role. Salaries for digital roles tend to be 36% higher than average.

How can you refer someone?

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1. How long does the Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing course run for?

The course runs for 12 weeks, 4 days per week and 3 hours per day.  You can choose to attend sessions in the morning, afternoon or evening. 

2. Can learners choose when to begin their study?

Yes, learners have an option to choose from a list of preselected course dates, this will be on a first come basis. Latest available dates can be found here.

3. Is there an option for flexible learning?

Course study sessions take place 4 days a week and learners have the option to commit to the morning, afternoon or evening training sessions.

4. How much does it cost the learner to be enrolled onto the course?

No cost! The course is completely free, it is funded by the Department for Education.

5. Where can learners make their application to be enrolled onto the course?

Applications can be made by filling in the form, click here to access the form.

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Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing?

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1. Lancashire

Lancashire- Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing course dates:

September 2022

2. London

London - Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing course dates:

05 September 2022

January 2022

3. North West

North West - Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing course dates:

05 September 2022

January 2022

4. West Midlands

West Midlands - Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing course dates:

05 September 2022

January 2022

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