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A digital marketing traineeship for the UK’s future tech stars, and a diverse talent route for fast growth employers


A traineeship is a government funded programme designed to help young people get ready for work or an apprenticeship. Our traineeships will last about 4 months. It’s composed of four main elements:

• work preparation training

• Support with English and maths up to level 2 if required (contextualised to the workplace)

• Level 2 qualification in digital marketing

• Up to 100 hours of work experience

Who Can Apply

✓ Have an address in England and eligible to work in England

✓ Have little or no work experience

✓ Aged 19-24 or 25 with an EHC plan

✓ Qualified up to Level 3


Our first cohort is being recruited NOW for a September 2020 start. Sign up NOW to access the talent pool! The overall programme will last 4 months split between work placement (which can be remote if necessary) and course elements (which are all delivered remotely).

We Are Digital proudly presents

A fresh and flexible digital marketing traineeship programme over 4 months, from top experts and employers in the field

We have created a holistic and innovative programme comprising the best training course in digital marketing with work experience placements in fast-growth digital marketing agencies and other support to enable young people to kick start their careers in this exciting and dynamic sector.


By taking on a trainee you are helping a young person take their first steps on the road to employment in an exciting and cutting edge sector.  Aged 19-24 (or 25 if they have an Education Health and Care Plan) your trainee will gain valuable work experience of up to 100 hours. A traineeship is not paid but the young person may be able to carry on claiming their benefits and may be eligible for a bursary to cover essential expenses (such as child care) to enable them to do the traineeship.  

  • Ideally work experience is carried out in the work place, but with the current Covid-19 situation we can do remote work experience, provided that the work experience is valid.
  • You get a chance to see how good a potential young employee will be. Their work experience gives you a chance to assess them and decide whether you’d want to take them on if you have a vacancy.
  • You can claim £1000 for each trainee you take on up to a maximum of 10. - can you change this to No cost to the programme. PLUS you can now receive £1000 for each trainee you give a work experience placement to - up to a maximum of 10.
At the end of a traineeship there are five possible positive outcomes / routes:

You may wish to offer the trainee a job ( the work experience gives you a chance to find out how good an employee they are likely to be)

You may not currently have vacancies but you will give them an exit interview and a summary of their key skills and strengths and a reference

They may move to an apprenticeship

They may go on to further study (Maths and English)

They may go on to further study (higher level Digital Marketing)


If you are an employer and would like to talk to us about taking on a trainee please fill in the form below or call us on 03333 444019

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Call us on: 03333 444019

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