*NEW* Financial Inclusion Support

Our new financial capability / education support is an innovative programme built on industry research which looked to raise engagements rates amongst residents for managing their money better. Rather than focusing on saving and budgeting (which has been shown to have a lower engagement rate), our brand-new 10-module programme uses an earning-money mentality to bring residents through the door.

Full 1:1 case support for each resident, either in-home or in community settings

Ten modules covering new and innovative topics such as earning money online, the gig economy, negotiating your bills down, budgeting through the Squirrel app and accessing emergency grants through Glasspool

Delivery partners include the CAB, Money Advice Plus, Glasspool and Squirrel

Full programme management (staff training, referrals and comms, evaluation and tracking)

New impact tool to track real financial behaviour change amongst residents.